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Our cuisine can be summed up in three words: AUTHENTIC, DISTINCTIVE AND GENEROUS


Our Head Chef was born and bred in Korea. He uses all his experience to ensure that every dish is cooked not only with fantastic skill but with great love. Han Ga Ram is committed to retaining the authenticity of each Korean dish whilst ensuring the flavours suit and excite the modern palate. This is artisan crafted food but done in a gourmet style with simple yet elegant presentation.


Our distinctive, healthy cuisine is based on the uncompromising belief that using fine, high quality natural ingredients creates the distinct flavours which best express the chef's culinary brilliance and results in great eating for customers. One of the key elements in our cooking is the use of the best ingredients from around the Asia-Pacific region such as steaks from Australia and seafood flown in from Korea itself.


Our food is served in generous proportions. At Han Ga Ram, we firmly believe in giving maximum value for money for all our customers. We want you to leave the restaurant thinking and feeling well and truly satisfied so come along with a strong appetite!

Wine pairing

Some people say pairing wine with Korean cuisine is too difficult due to the various flavours usually found in a banquet. But we think we have cracked it! We can successfully match up a bottle of wine from our cellar with both our gorgeous set menus and individual dishes.

With his extensive knowledge, our head chef will ensure your meal is enhanced by the right bottle chosen from a carefully selected list of wines from around the world. We'll consider the acidity and tannin levels as well as the grape in each wine to ensure your eating and drinking experience is just perfect.

And if you want an even more authentic Korean experience, please try the pure and clean taste of traditional rice wine, Mak Gul Lee, or other exotic Korean alcoholic beverages such as the famous Soju cocktails.

We have fantastic food and superb wines, so come and enjoy a sumptuous feast at Han Ga Ram!